Points2Shop: Is it a Scam?

Points2Shop claims to pay you points to turn into cash or redeem on Amazon for filling out surveys. Easy enough. But, is this a case of what seems to be to good to believe, is to good to believe?

Sort of. Points2Shop works great for about a week or so. But once you start racking up some points; 1000, 1100, 1200, etc. (100 points = one dollar), Points2Shop will put your account on hold and freeze all of your orders, and in some cases reset your points to 250. They’ll prompt you to sent in a “Ticket” which is a complaint. It takes about 3 days for them to respond to your ticket. And once they respond, almost every time, they’ll make you just through a ton of hoops. They’ll ask for proof of who you are like your Drivers License. Once you provide them with that, they’ll want you to upload a photo onto Photo Bucket of yourself that they can see. After that they might re-activate your account, but they’ll want you to re-order anything you might have ordered and want you to pay for it. Example: if you bought a 100 point item prior to having your account held, they’ll ask the USPS to not deliver the item to you, and ask you to pay for that item again in order to get it. So on a 100 point item you would spend 200 to get it delivered. And if you had many items, you could go bankrupt re-paying for them all.

Also, in order to complete survey to earn points, you must jump through all kinds of hoops with the survey owners. They ask for your gender, race, how much your yearly income is, email address, phone number, and home address to name a few (in some “surveys” they ask for your Social ID number!). Basically it’s more than a survey, you might only be asked 5 questions, but you have to spill all your info to even qualify for a survey, and half the time you don’t qualify anyway, and then you just singed all your info away to the devil for nothing.

So, basically, while you can get some free stuff of Points2Shop, you have to virtually invite them into your home and tell them everything your mother always told you to never tell anyone.  The reality is, there is no easy way to make money, if your even looking into Points2Shop know that you jump through hundreds of hoops to get anything, and even when you do comply with all their hoops it’s still very slow to make any money; you could literally  make more in one day flipping Big Macs at McDonalds than you could in a month at Points2Shop. All-in-all it’s really a nightmare to earn 3 dollars. I would highly recommend that you don’t even waste your time with P2S and do something else like build tree houses or cut grass if you’re that desperate for money. But, the million dollar question; is P2S a scam? I would say not even to bother with it, it is a scam, but it’s really for you to decide.


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  1. Points2Shop is HORRIBLE, well, I signed up and already got 250 points, and I started doing offers and earning points. Then I was looking around in the rewards gallery and found that you can buy a real dollar bill for 100 points + another 100 points (for shipping), so I ordered one, and they said it would take 2-3 days for it to ship out. Well, about 4-5 days later, I logged in to my account, and I saw big red box, it was saying 4 different things, here’s what they said, ” You logged in too far from your destination (home)”, “You logged in from a public location like a university, school or library”, “Logging in from a cell phone or any other Wi-Fi device (not including a computer)”, “You used a proxy server to complete offers or to register”. All of them are fake, I don’t have a cellphone, laptop, is not in public school, library or university. And it also said, “When any problems come up, any orders that were placed, are cancelled until the problem is fixed”. The day this happened, I had done 64 offers within an hour (which is 1,375 points!), and right when I was done, this all showed up, now, it won’t let me earn any more points, spend points or do anything, except for sending them tickets (messages). And that wasn’t the only problem, they also said I had more than one account (which violates one of the rules), and they sent me a long message with instructions on how to fix the problem. So, I read every word, and it said, “To Verify my account, we need a picture of a driver’s license or passport (or other form of picture ID such as school ID), if don’t have a bill, then a school report card, magazine subscription or even junk mail”. “Both items must show and match the name and address you have on file with us”. So readers of my review, please listen, if you don’t you will regret once you hit in the 1000s of points, they will screw you over on your points and everything else!

    • but if u want one thing thats less then 1000 and then forget p2s would that work???

    • Points2shop blocked me for “having multiple accounts” i have only 1 account, they did this right as i had enough points to actually get something…
      i had only joined 3 days before i don’t see how they can indiscriminately ban people i really enjoyed points2shop and im pretty disappointed, this was my first experience with a survey earning website. I honestly don’t think i will ever try or trust another “survey earning” website.

      My problem is somewhat identical to Travis’s, i was asked to provide my i.d. and one piece of evidence of my residence, i did both and then they switched the Ticket to :Banned for-“having multiple accounts” so now they have a picture of my drivers license and a magazine subscription which honestly i have no idea what they are going to do with.

      I don’t really hate points2shop but be warned they may do to you what they did to me, and in my honest opinion they are not a legit website.

      The only thing i was really offended by was that they asked for additional information because i am Latino. they said that it was for private research to see how big of an ethnic community they have on the website but some of the questions were very intrusive and looking back i should have never continued with registration.

    • Uhm…dude, that’s more or less a security measure. IF you read the rest of the box, it would tell you if you are or aren’t doing those things.

    • You were so lucky to get a 1000 points in a hour because it took me a whole day to get 750

    • points2shop is a scam stole 300$ from me .., plz try gifthulk and class action lawsuit these fucking Holland ASSHOLES 😦

  2. I would rate Points2Shop quarter of a star. So, yeah, Points2Shop SUCKS!!!! But, it’s mainly your decision and your choice to sign up or not, you shouldn’t because you’ll regret it sooner or later.

  3. Okay, Travis Sharpe, first off, any one reading his post needs to realize that he is full of crap. There is no way you possibly completed 64 offers in an hour (unless you somehow cheated the system) because the offers take an average of ten to twenty minutes. Points2shop is a way of making money on the side online, and it takes a decent amount of time to accumulate enough money to get anything good. If anyone would like to know more details I’d be happy to answer questions, my spare email is danradman21@aol.com , and I’m looking to refer new members because believe me, that accelerates your cash earnings on the site by a TON.


    • its a scam i work on it for 2 days or 5 hrs i made 1003 points and 50 cents in cash so 1053 points altogater then they banned me so i suggest you use swagbucks it the best i made 185 dollars in amazon gift card and i bought the 1 dollar whith 100 points puls 45 for shipping and when they banned me my order was cansiled the acused me of the folowing …
      Read this message carefully!
      The section you tried to visit is blocked because our rules have been violated. Common reasons include but are not limited to:
      – You used a proxy to complete offers or to register your account.
      – You logged in from a public location like a library, university or school.
      – Logging in from a cell phone, or other wifi connection (not including a computer).
      – Logging in too far from the address you have on file with us.
      Please send in a ticket to our support team to get the problem solved. People in shoutbox will NOT be able to resolve your account issues, so there’s no reason to ask them!
      The page below has additional and usefull information about resolving account issues.

      see it sucks but i do agree with you on travis sharpe mlyeing

    • Are you an admin for P2S , becouse that isn’t a comment and the way it is organized is identical to the ones they sent me.

  4. Muzamiel AFG

    Point to shop is a scam i sign up and i got
    Points: 7245
    Cash: $2.21
    Merits: 2244
    Tickets: 0
    Messages: 4
    Refs: 59
    Level: Gold

    Then they block me because no reson what so ever, they accused me of making 10 different account.

    All they want is you to work for them.

  5. Points2shop is not a scam, IN NO WAY, It’s actually one of the very best free sites the internet has to offer. The money is easy and fast, but the money Isn’t going to just jump into your pocket, you got to do the work, although that would be cool if the money just jumped in your pocket, but that’s not going to happen.

    It takes work and you must follow the rules – their very serious about NOT logging in on cell phones and other peoples computers and junk like that. If you join remember what email and password you used. A lot of people lose there account because of simple mistakes like forgetting they joined and joining again with a different email.

    They won’t just ban you without out fair warning but if your not very active you won’t see the big yellow banner across your account warning you there is a problem and you need to contact support, it looks like you have two accounts. If you see this banner you can simple send a support ticket to and get a quick response.

    After a few weeks and you don’t respond to the warning banner and the emails from points2shop then they have no other chose but to ban you. If your active you will see the banner and you can just respond an explain what happen, that’s all they want, basically is to know there is a human, real person behind the wheel trying to doing something honest and good with there account.

    I’ve been making money online with Points2shop for almost a year now, works perfect for me! I like it so much, even if they started charging $30 bucks a month for there membership (which they would never do) I’d pay it, no problem (I’d be a little salty, but I’d pay it), it’s that good.

    There’s maybe 4 really amazing free sites everybody needs to see and be apart of and Point2shop is at the top of that very short list. http://www.realfreemoneynow.blogspot.com



  7. i got banned once i made it over 1000 points what bullshit

  8. So… did anyone here even read the terms and conditions before the signed up. Well, by your responses, no you didn’t. You ignored it like every other website you sign up for.
    I’ve earned well over 10000 points and have gotten over $100 worth of stuff from it mostly eBay gift cards since I’m a frequent user there.
    Why? Because I read the damn terms and conditions.
    Plus, if they send you a ticket and you act all pompous, rude, and defensive, yes you will get banned. If someone acted like that towards me on my website, I wouldn’t think twice about banning you.

    To the OP, I don’t know what kind of surveys you took, but I’ve hardly ever had them ask for my SS number so I didn’t do those surveys and only on a few occasions did they ask for my home number and never have they asked for my email. Race, income, gender, etc. is asked EVERY surveys because most are research surveys. I make about 95% of my points from these surveys.

    & I also agree you cannot complete 64 offers in an hour. It’s obvious people here broke the rules and it’s easier to blame others for your mistakes. Go you, Shawnshock for correcting everyone.

  9. who ever not getting scams at all they will be getting Scam Shortly since i got scam as well from this site they will Contiue their scams since they are like this Video On Youtube since this what they really are i reached 600 request dvd for least just couple bucks they never shipped it so they were bull shit as well to us as well so they are pretty much 100% Like These Youtubes of Bux.To it seem

  10. Points2shop is not a scam.I have earned 336$ in 6 months and still getting more. I have already ordered 17 rewards from there and I received all of them. It does take some time but its a great way to earn gifts and save money!

    • Points2shop is a scam, they lie steal cheat. once you start ordering items they stop you. then they accuse you of violating their rules. they consider you guilty of everything and innocent of nothing. points2shop will go down.


    The same thing happened to me,i created a account then i had 250 points ($2.50) and no offers after that I mean no offers I already enough for my order,a case for my phone and I waited two days for it to approve then I got the same message saying:I cheated or something like I couldnt EARN points or USE them.And you know they say advertisers pay them for us doing the offers,we do the the offers and they get the money and dont credit us at all what a complete scam I wish they could bankcrupt that company I hate it so much that I want all my time and my money back,FUCK YOU POINTS TO SHOP YOU LITTLE ASSHOLES!!!!

    • exactly my thoughts, well I got to 5000 points, as soon as I did they send me that stupid red box, I can’t use my points, they owe me 50 dollars, when I had 4900 points everrything was fine as soon as I reached 5000 they try to deny me access to the money I earned, but guess what, my earnings page is still there, so basically I could still do surveys but can’t get my money!!! I wasted so much time with them I am so mad at least they could give me the money I worked hard for, and then ban me! And for what I have no idea what I did wrong, they haven’t told me! they are thieves, plain and simple, let some earn and steal money from some others…

  12. I love how some tiny prick dicks were saying points2shop isnt a scam becuase as soon as i got 1k points and put an offer on for a 10$ ultimate game card they completely fucked me by freezing my account AS SOON AS I PUT THE OFFER ON FUCK YOU POINTS2FUCK fn bastards wasted a shitload of my time. Try PrizeRebel omg its so much better ive actually gotten a couple game cards from them. REALLY POINTS2SHOP WILL FUCK YOU.

  13. Fuck you ShawnShock thats mother fn bullshit best fucking site my FUCKING ASS. PrizeRebel stomps there scamming ass. Sooner or later points2shop is going to go down either by people sueing them for bullshit or people avoiding the dem rip off site.

    • Uh, I use both PrizeRebel AND Points2shop. it takes a moment but I’ve gotten two 10 dollar amazon gift cards and one 20 dollar one and they both worked fine. I don’t know if you guys are trying to be trolls or if you’re really just stupid but, I’ve used both sites, gotten prizes from both sites and never got penalized for it. You’re probably just doing it wrong

  14. fuckpoints2shop

    the rules of points2shop are fucking stupid. They use those rules to cheat people out of their hard earned points.

  15. that site (warning bad language) is a load of fucking bullshit. dont do it. i did a survey for my phone. and i got charged £67 fucking pounds for my phone bill (normally its £35). and before you reply, no there was no message saying how much the texts where to win a fucking iPad 2. load of shit, dont go there. the chat is run by a load of mods saying how good it is. NO!

  16. I use points2shop on a daily basis, I have never had any issues with my account, I have the p2s app on my android, I log in from work to check my account but I follow the rules, i dont do offers from public locations and i dont submit orders from my phone. I have made over $200 just this year on p2s. I have ordered over 25 things and i have gotten every single one of them. The key to this site is to follow the rules. you have to read the fine print on phone offers, if you dont want it to cost you dont sign up for that offer. simple as that. it is not p2s’ fault you people dont pay attention or know what the hell you are doing.

  17. I did a review about Points2Shop too. I kinda like it.

  18. I use points2shop ive earned 26$ ive ordered three prizes received 2 waiting for a third 69 points away from goal and have not had one problem, you guys had to do something wrong admins so nice and mods so helpful great community, you tried to cheat obviously or was on a network with some else logged in or signed with 2 accounts on the same ip, it not that hard to follow the rules gzzz and im 14 this is legit my points2shop name is slick2453 look at my account and proof if you dont believe me

  19. You people are fools, p2s is not a scam — I have made over $60 with them and got all my prizes. You people were probably using a proxy, or signed up another account from your IP. – they are VERY serious about their rules because we are dealing with currency & fraud is a common occurance. Just follow the rules, be respectuful , and patient, and you WILL get your prizes.
    Some people don’t see the bigger picture.. it’ takes a while, but you can DEFIENTLY make some points / cash with points2shop or cashle.

    I am willing to bet all my points each and every one of you broke some rule and are just butthurt. Points2shop is great.

  20. I regret what I said before about Points2Shop. They are real. I was just really upset. Things are fixed thankfully. It truly is a good site. Just have to watch out who has your information. I am thinking someone I know or something may have tried to use my name information before. All is good now. 🙂 I get angry really easy 😛

  21. janet@galamail.zzn.com

    basically its 50/50 with me on here, they are not as good as everyone makes out (mostly admins say the site is the best) lets just say there is a lot of unfairness on the site as well as the fact that they will look for an excuse to block or ban your account or make some crap up.
    i was a member a few years back, had 3 items off there, and no probs. Then i started doing contests and teams with merits, (getting noticed). Well they blocked my account saying a member said i posted in one of the comments that i had put in fake info.
    Wouldnt say who, wouldnt show me the post then asked me if i did or not.
    Which meant that they didnt know at all and just took someones word for it with no proof of it.
    Just for the record, every offer had fake info just like most members but still they could not show me proof. About 4 weeks of replying back and forth on support ticket and eventually they asked for drivers license etc. just to prove who i was. So i didnt bother with that cos they didnt need it and were just stalling and messing me around.
    I had 3 rewards off them and posted proof of my rewards on the site with pics.
    What did they think, i signed up and did the offers so someone else could have the stuff sent to them, dumb fucks.
    Its easy to open another account but i couldnt be arsed after that.
    So my advice is to not get noticed too much on the forums on the site cos nobody like it when you do better than them on offers and refs and if you beat someone on the games they have, they cry cheat all the time

    • I was reading the shout box before I quit and a guy with over 50,000 refs got kicked because he was in first place. This site is bullshit

  22. janet@galamail.zzn.com

    oh and by the way, if anyone says that they have never put in fake info ever even just once is a liar. Unless your really that sad and enjoy loads on mail going through you letter box, mega spam of email as well as people phoning you up at stupid hours to sell you stuff.

  23. points2shop is horrible. ive earned a lot of points and redeem a prize but then got banned. they wouldnt give me a reason after multiple tickets and emails. stay away from p2s and go with a real legit site like epicrewardz. check it out http://epicrewardz.com/home?refid=730

  24. Points2shop makes money off users, and pays them very low, while their getting rich, users are getting penny’s for their hard work, I looked all over youtube for a better site and it’s pretty new, but pays way more than Points2shop. I seriously made enough points (8,000) in 2 weeks. Yup! Their daily surveys pay WAY more and the community is much nicer. You guys should check it out. http://epicrewardz.com/

  25. If you complain about it being a scam, look at some profiles, one guy I saw took out $10,000 and he had a photo of the cheque up. I too have bought a low cost reward (about $1) and it arrived early. Or look at other testimonials on-site, they wouldn’t be able to forge that many accounts without arousing suspicion

  26. Points2shop is totally a scam! After a year of earning almost 1000 dollars worth of cheap prizes i decided to try and earn a playstation 3. But when i got to these stats: Points: 17319 Cash: $0.00 Merits: 23922 Tickets: 0 Messages: 122 Refs: 129 Level: Diamond, they banned me for apparently using a credit card with my parents name on it. Seriously? They’ll ban you for any small thing. Keep away from this site.

    • your guys say it is a scam but it is not u guys just cant follow the rules it is u not the website

      • I followed the rules, only have 1 account and only use the 2 computers in my house and my android. I made 1000 points, ordered an Amazon card and BAM! Red warning like everyone else is saying.P2S is a scam, plain and simple,

      • I got banned in one day just by logging in! I literally did nothing all I just signed up logged off got up to eat dinner then came back 25 minutes on the same computer and browser to find I had been baned for using a “proxy sever” what the fuck.

  27. Well, obviously, those of you who got banned did something stupid, if you hadn’t then you would’ve just sent in a support ticket to get the issue resolved. ^Chevybow, there you obviously did do something stupid, you were told that you’re only allowed to use a credit card with YOUR name on it, or you didn’t have to use it at all, theres many ways to make than using credit cards. Can you imagine kids using their parents credit cards for offers with their parents knowing about it…-.- and then the parents get billed for it. And I’ve also seen your profile, after earning that much cash and recieving all those items, how can you say thats its a scam?!

  28. I’ve never used P2S but I used Cashle which is very similar. After 6 months of earning points as soon as I withdrew the cash a box popped up saying I was banned for using a cellphone, which was fake, since I’ve never had one. Bloody bastards won’t pay up.

  29. P2S Makes far more cash in one Day than you do in a YEAR. It gets its fortunes from people which pay fortunes to BUY YOUR DATA. You ain’t getting anything for free from P2S- you paid with your data.

  30. I signed up for p2s made 20000 points ordered a few Christmas presents and they closed my account I say don’t even sign up there scamers

  31. Same i earned about 5 dollars enough for my facebook credit card AND THEY BANNED ME FOR NO REASON then they asked for this big list of information so i decided not to use it DO NOT USE THAT WEBSITE

  32. P2S is a total scam. I have made $20 since April 1, 2012 and decided to get a dollar mainly because i wanted a gift card (In case you don’t know, you have to have your address verified for gift cards). But then as soon as my order was processed, my account got blocked and I can’t do anything about it and the only way out is to verify my ID. I was like “what the hell is this shit?” I don’t want to give out my personal information just to get a dollar. Is it too much to ask to get a god damn gift card?

    My advice: Don’t even waste your time with this bullcrap and do something productive with your life.

  33. PrizeRebel is a legitimate website. I’ve been paid several times and they don’t ask for sensitive information, though some offers might (and you can just skip those!). PrizeRebel merely pays you to complete offers – they get paid for every offer you complete, and they pay you a portion of that.


    You’ll find some other great sites listed on my blog as well. Have a look around, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.

  34. Points2shop may be kinda a good website but you might want to make sure you sign up with a really correct information like your address but if its not they just would ban you and it just makes you spend your points again like if you got a Kindle Fire HD you would maybe never get it again if it never comes to your door so you might want to use http://www.prizerebel.com but it may be a lot of points for stuff so don’t use points2shop only if you want to get no prizes.

  35. Points2shopsucks

    I have 1022 points on Points2shop that I can’t even use because the banned me, I’m trying to send them a support ticket. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use that site

  36. Placed an order on points2shop and they denied the order and blocked me for a bullshit non-reason. They demanded ID and photo so i provided this and within 1 week my account was unbanned…
    So i started using it again and placed an order again then they denied my order and blocked me again for literally nothing. I am currently waiting for them to reply to my new support ticket (over 2 days waiting so far)… but it’s not looking good so far.
    It really seems like the Admins are determined to get rid of users (which is ridiculous!!) and will try every trick in the book to get rid of you before you can redeem your points, they definitely seem to be on some sort of power trip and enjoy messing with people.

  37. Wanna hear a cool story about P2S?

    I’ve been a member for over a year, earned about three thousand points, traded in for a $10 iTunes card and got it. Was super excited, worked hard and tried to order a physical item from Amazon. After about five days, they cancelled my order and told me I had to upload a picture of my photo ID, and a picture of a piece of mail showing my address.

    No problem, I did it. The reply to that ticket was ten days later though! It took them ten days to look at my Identification, tell I was a real human, then tell me that I had multiple accounts and was being banned. I have talked to two separate admins about this and both have told me to go screw myself.

    The first replied to my ticket, that again, I waited ten days to hear from them with a canned response that told me I had multiple accounts and was banned. I have one account, I even forbid my wife from signing up because of the multiple account issues with their shit company.

    When I responded with anger, at the fact that I waited ten days to receive thirty seconds worth of attention from them, they instantly closed my ticket.

    The second admin who I have been communicating with told me that they would have closed my ticket too, even though they wrongfully terminated my account because they thought I was being rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u.

    I have spent weeks attempting to get the account back and now they will not even respond to me anymore.

    I believe P2S is a giant scam to get as much proprietary information from it’s users as possible, then ban them so they don’t have to pay for all the information they stole from you. If you have brain, just go and buy an iPod or a iTunes card, don’t waste time and let these people steal your identity.

    Anyone commenting that P2S isn’t a giant scam is a shill for their company. Hell, join and you can see that they will even reward you for going on sites like this and talking up P2S. Again, all these people saying it’s not a scam are lying to you so that P2S will reward them for it! Referring friends to make points only works about 12% of the time, as you can get all your friends to sign up for their site and they will just tell you that you didn’t get the referral. They are a company that is designed to steal information from people while promising to reward them, then ripping the carpet and your identity out from under you.

    Enjoy being scammed and used if you’re one of the people who is defending this horrible, fishing company. I’m ready to file a complaint with the FBI for fishing due to the fact that they take all your information, then kick you out after they have their market research.

    • Well, it’s a month later and truthfully, my problems with points2shop have been cleared up. I’m being honest, I spoke to another admin who asked me to verify my identity again. I did so and my account was unblocked and I was able to place an order which is shipping now. So all I can say is to just be as helpful with them as possible and try a few times if you don’t get the answer you want and your problems may be cleared up.

  38. Points2shop does lock accounts randomly(claiming you logged in and tried to complete offers and their support sucks(isk8lakekai for example is the most unhelpful Admin there.)But if you get that person just close the ticket and reopen another and hope another Admin answers you instead.But if you send what they ask,you will get your item for the specified price.They make their money off people doing offers,why would they scam people willing to make them money?

    I saved up 35,000 points in 2 days and ordered a waterpick and recieved it.And all the giftcards I ordered before too.
    But now the offers have a button that selects whether you’d like to be paid in cash or points and whether or not you select cash or points you will be always be paid in points.The only way to avoid this is to use the seach category feature and select only cash offers because half the point only offers will look like they also pay cash but they don’t.
    The support team blames you for not paying attention.When you ask the purpose of this selector if cash isn’t really an option but only points for that specified offer they won’t explain they’ll just get mad at you.So basically if your not careful your hard earned cash will actually be crappy points.isk8lakekai is a douschbag support Admin there.

  39. I just got banned from my account for absolutely nothing! All I did was order something wait and check again and see I’m banned. I don’t even know what I did and I had a lot of points in it too

  40. So many negative comments about P2S. I’ve actually been a member for two years and reached Platinum status. You just have to abide by the rules and actually READ them. So many people fail to do that and that’s why their accounts end up being terminated…just saying. I haven’t earned thousands, but my total earnings are over $100 considering I do one or two offers a day.

    READ THE RULES and everything is fine.

  41. I recently just got a pair of headphones from Points2Shop, and I earned points rather quickly with them. I’ve not been a member for very long, but I got what I ordered without problems (Only delayed because of holidays, but they clearly state that they don’t do shipping/processing on major holidays on their site) And I’m already silver level with them.

    The most likely reason you guys are getting banned is because you’re screwing up somewhere or breaking the rules. P2S is completely fair.

  42. p2s is a btch and those fcking liars who says they got rewards fck u

    Fuck you all because point2shop is sponsored by fuckers and fuck the sponsors and you guys should NEVER EVER EVER, GETTING BACK TO poin2shop 😀 << taylor swift song

  43. i love P2S its amazing you can handfull of money from this…..

  44. Want make real money try CashCrate With Spam Free

  45. SO FREAKING AGREED. I just got 2500 points, and SPENT MONEY ON AN OFFER TO GET THAT MUCH. And right when I started ordering things, they froze my account. I didn’t believe it was a huge scam, but I’m going to be spreading the word about this. They claim now that “I have more than one account” which is complete and utter bullshit. I wouldn’t even give them a quarter of a star. I’m completely livid about what they did to me and I shouldn’t have even trusted the site in the first place. I feel like a fuckin’ fool.

  46. My account just got banned a few days ago. When i send the ticket they said I have multiple accounts. I swear I only got one but whatever I’m done with p2s. I’m not going to come back to it anymore :(.

  47. Ibrahim Sulayman

    Points 2 shop is rubbish they banned me just after I placed my order and never sent my order and never allowed me back on! rubbish!

  48. So very true! This site sucks bans people for no reason at all , loosers.

  49. Points2shop is the best fucking site out there, I’m 15 and I’ve earned over $1000 there over the course of a little over a year. The reason you guys are getting banned is because you are probably lying in the offers. No site can beat what P2S had done for me.

  50. I just recently got banned and it sucks so bad since I haven’t done nothing wrong. I ordered a beauty box for my sister since her birthdays coming up. When I checked back 2 days later I got red box claiming I had multiple account. i don’t. I sent in my ticket and they weren’t very helpful and there response was short and it took them FOREVER to respond. I don’t think I’ll ever have my account opened and what do I do now Cuz this sucks since I wanted to get my sister makeup. Very disappointed.

  51. i have been spending HOURS n day doing surveys and offers on points to shop for 18 days straight (ever since i first signed up for an account). I have made 2414 points, which is 76 points under my goal of 2,500 points (a $25 ebay giftcard) and alittle over $18.50, and today i logged into to my account to find THAT I’VE BEEN BANNED. WTF. i have broken no rules or anything! they tell me to send in a support ticket so i did. I’m pissed off because i have done nothing wrong and i’ve been working my ass off doing their surveys that take an hour each, watching their videos, filling out forms for various coupons ect ect for as little as 1 point an offer. it’s taken me almost three weeks to accumulate all those points and to avoid spending $25 to reward me for all my work, they just decide to ban me instead!! Greedy, selfish, lazy assholes i think :/
    i’ll update this if my issue gets resolved which it probably wont though -___-

    • It probably won’t. Same thing happened to me, and they refuse to do anything about it. Right when I got enough points to order something (and ordered it), they froze my account and banned me.

    • they have strict rules, i don’t know what happened to you, but i already made over 60 dollars in that website

  52. PrizeRebel is a legitimate website. I’ve been paid several times and they don’t ask for sensitive information, though some offers might (and you can just skip those!). PrizeRebel merely pays you to complete offers – they get paid for every offer you complete, and they pay you a portion of that.


    You’ll find some other great sites listed on my blog as well. Have a look around, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.

  53. How can you get Unbanned off of Points 2 shop i made 2 acounts one for me and my friend and i got banned..I need help can anyone talk to the admins about my ticket?.Thanks in advance.

  54. Although I agree with the fact that points2shop is horrible. THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DO THE SAME THING.

    Go to http://www.featurepoints.com on your mobile device(IPhone,IPad,Android) and sign up. It doesn’t ask for any personal info, just for you to verify your device. Once you’ve done that use my referral code: 4OWIKD to start off with 50 extra points. These points can buy many rewards such as gift cards for amazon and Paypal.

    You earn points by downloading an app, playing it for a short amount of time and then you can delete it. It’s very fast and completely reliable, unlike points2shop

  55. I think most of you are lying, I’ve gathered 5,970 points total = $59.70. I’ve ordered speakers, a Subway gift card, an xbox 360 game, and a book. I’ve got it all! You only get banned if you do something wrong, they have very strict rules. Stop acting childish. One main rule on Points2shop: 1 per person per household. If you bragged about it to someone in your house, they might have signed up. Once you’re banned, you’re banned. Just because something doesn’t work the way you want it to, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at al.

  56. Oh, and I’m a gold member.

  57. ive been on points2shop for 2 months and ive NEVER had this happen, they dont put a hold on your points.. you’re lying to the world if you think this is a scam as well. its not a scam ive made 11,000 points in 3 1/2 weeks and gotten a kindle fire for free! nothing is free in life you have to work at it. yes they have lots of rules, but thats to protect them and other users. if you dont like it, then don’t sign up. STOP COMPLAINING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE A WEBSITE BECAUSE OF THE RULES. it states completely “you can only have ONE account per person” thats to protect them….

  58. Hello people-looking-for-the-truth-bout-points2shop.com. Month ago while I was earning points (only) in points2shop.com, I checked this website and some others “debating” about whether points2shop is a scam or not. I doubted it a lot, even scared that my effort and time was all total in vain, until when I finally reached 1600 points to claim something I wanted. First the points2shop says that I’ll have to verify my address, which by buying some cheap stuffs like stickers (which I bought for 20+95 (shipping)~ points). Then couple days later, I receive an email saying that I’m no longer a “new”b level, and gone from bronze immediately to silver bc I’ve completed some other requirements as well. So.. I’m eligible to purchase some “real” item I’ve been hunting for, and guess effing what? I got my $15 gift card code through email, one that i thought will always be a BS. It’s just freakin worked, and I’ve used $9.99 from that giftcard.
    I dont care whether you believe this website or not, perhaps sometimes it’s not worth your time at all.. But according to my experience, this is just legit, and I’m just tired remembering about some skeptical views here. If you messed up, got banned, or other worse things, then it’s definitely because you broke at least one of the rule. Most common 1 would be between entering false infos on the survey or creating another account (complicated.. IP paradigm).
    Last thing folks, I got my freaking giftcard!! Just sharing here, peace out~

  59. Okay, this obvious slander from other points websites who want to discredit points2shop or some people who didnt fully read and understand the rules having a hissy fit because they have broken rules they didnt bother paying attention to.

    1. Only ONE account is allowed.
    2. If you use a computer with an IP address that shares that address with other computers I.E. a university or library yes you will get asked to prove who you are because there may be other members in that particular place using points to shop at the time.

    But seriously. Have you noticed how many people here are advertising other point based websites ? These are called Discredit tactics.
    If you come here looking for validation on P2S take the ones that actually validate the damn thing.
    Because all the ones who disapprove of P2S are just trying to sway you onto another site.
    Or they just didnt read up on the rules!

  60. The bottom line with all of these types of sites, and reward apps is that it does take an extremely long time to earn a decent amount of points, and when you do they do everything in their power not to redeem them by giving you an excuse from a long list of reasons blaming proxy servers to system glitches. It is not a coincidence that 80% of the time you complete a long time consuming survey the system has some sort of glitch and your points disappear into limbo. It has happened to me far too many times. If you consider the cost of using data to watch the trailers, or complete a survey online and compare it to the amount you get rewarded (usually a 1/2 penny to a penny) you are actually spending more money than you are earning. I feel these sites and apps are similar to a Ponzi scheme and should all be shut down by the Fed’s and the owners of these sites should do some time and reimburse the public for all of their wasted time. I am currently looking into filing a class action lawsuit against every one of these sites/apps on behalf of everyone they have ripped off. It would make you sick if you knew how much money they were making off of the desperate and poor.

  61. You people are fucking retarded. It’s not a scam. If you’ve been blocked from the site, you’ve broken a rule. Including signing in from a mobile device or having multiple accounts. Also, this guy is full of shit – he didn’t rack up 64 completed offers in an hour. I’m lucky to complete 64 offers in a week. Points2shop isn’t a scam, it doesn’t take extremely long to earn points, and as long as you actually do the free offers and complete them, you can easily get 1000 or so points in a few days.

    They ship items legitimately, the only problems I’ve had with points2shop is when I created a second account. I sent in a ticket and they resolved the problem by deactivating both of mine, but I then had to create a new one and since then there hasn’t been a problem.

    Bottom line, it’s not a scam. The quote “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” doesn’t apply here. People see this website and think that they just randomly give out free shit, but they don’t.

    When you complete offers, which get you points, THEY GET MONEY FROM IT, and you get points. So you get points to buy something, and they buy something for you, and ship it out. They buy something for you because you got enough points for it, therefore they have enough money.

    So if you get 1000 points off surveys or offers, they probably made a few hundred bucks, and can then afford to get you a pair of headphones or whatever you want off amazon.

    It’s not a hard concept and seriously, it’s not that hard to use either..
    If you’re going to say this site is a scam then you’re seriously that much of an idiot, because you obviously haven’t taken the time to actually give the site a chance. If you’re going to rant about it “being hard” to get points, then please shut the fuck up and actually TRY doing a free offer for once. It may take 2-5 minutes for what, 120-150 points? You don’t even have to buy anything.

    Therefore, before saying this site is a scam, actually try it. Get points, follow the rules, and order something. After a day or two, they’ll approve your item and send it to you in the mail. No joke, I’ve probably gotten well over $350 worth of items off this site, and I’ve been on it for about 6-7 months.

    And if you think that I work for points2shop or have been paid money to say this, I haven’t been paid nor do I work for the company. I’m just a guy who likes to get free shit for clicking a few buttons on an offer.

    So, give P2S a shot. This post is a load of shit, and most of the people who have commented saying “It’s a scam!” are too fucking lazy to actually get points, so they give up and conclude that it’s a scam because they were expecting to get a fucking car or some shit by sitting around in the chat box complaining about the fact that they only started with 250 points.

  62. Oh yeah, and what another guy said, there’s ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD. If you have a brother or sister, don’t tell them about it, because if they make an account, yours will be suspended, which is probably why that faggot who was crying about him getting suspended earlier did.

  63. Wish I would of saw this site before signing up. I wasted all my hard time day and night watching videos, downloading apps, doing offers and surveys .then when I reach my 2000 point goal in 3 weeks, then adding it to my cart ordering it hoping I would atcualy get it then go back to points2shop and I see all this crap about my account it said I need to send a ticket and all that stuff. I’m mad

  64. hi guys i read all your reviews just one question has anyone ordered a mobile phone from p2s? and did you receive it, or any electronics with your points.

  65. Please delete the “test” comment above. Every time I tried commenting I got a 492 error so I just stuck everything to pastebin.


  66. Hey i thought that you guys should read something that i sent not only to an admin but also put in the shoutout box right before i quit this scam for good:

    This is my last message to this sites moderators, admins, and most importantly the owner

    Alright i can’t take this anymore. I’ve seen this before and read about your site doing stuff like this people get somewhere around a thousand points and then boom! blocked. Then they need to give you a picture id and some proof of who they are and then you get to do god knows what with it. I’m sick and tired of being cheated by bastards like you. I mean seriously man 3 fuckin days to reply to a god damn ticket. You should go faster you’ll screw more people over that way you cheating dicks. I mean seriously i come to this site earn some good money for myself and you dicks who probably get 3 bucks then pay me 60 cents and you’re asking me to verify who i am? Bitch pl so ease why don’t you tell me who the fuck you are so i know who is getting probably 3-5 bucks while i’m making nickels and dimes. The motherfucking nerve of you to ask me if I’ve used fake information. You still get paid your money i’m the one who hasn’t gotten paid bitch you must think i’m stupid. Me and everyone else on this site practically has to sign away their rights to privacy just so your ass can sit up and make money all day doing not a damn thing and you’re asking if i’ve provided any fake information. Please bitch close my account go account and give me a reason to go out and write about how much of a fucking bitch you whores are on every site indexed in google from number 1 to number 26300 when you search if “points2ship legit or scam” and check out the ones in the top rankings they all say your a BIG FAT SCAM. Gee i wonder the fuck why? Please close my account cause the moment you do i’m going to put up so many bad reviews that you will be fucked up your ass. Oh, and please block me from this whole site because this piece of shit is hurting my eyes. Your sites continued existence is a mockery to the internet and all its potential now please go fuck yourself cause i can tell you this no ones doin it for your lazy, nosey, bitch asses. Guess what…

    “Roses are red”
    “Violets are blue”
    “You haven’t paid shit”
    ” So FUCK YOU”

    Anyone who says this site has paid gets paid to say that.

  67. There is a website very similar to this that allows you to earn points the same way by completing tasks and surveys. You can also earn my points by searching with their search engine (very good, comparable to Google) and by watching their hundreds of videos. I have been a member for 4 days and have already ordered my first amazon $5 gift card. If you are interested in joining, please use my link, it will help me out a lot 🙂 You get 30 free ‘swagbucks’ (Swagbuck points) for joining either by using my link or just signing up regularly.
    Thank you 🙂

  68. They ban people when they order stuff because that’s when they check your account to make sure you haven’t cheated or broken any of the rules

  69. points2shop is a good website for earning free stuff and they dont put your accound on freeze when u have 1100 points you prick

  70. Major scam site, and the team mods and anyone affiliated with them are also scammers and scam artists promoting scamming and theft of personal information under a false pretense of payment upon completion avoid.

  71. Points2shop is a ripoff unless u want one free dollar. They send you ta dollar to prove there legit. Which I did Which proves I had my address correct since I received the dollar. I ordered at least 6 amazon prizes I received none of them even after a month. I sent them a ticket via messege about the problem they asked me to check my order history and give the, my order number of my prizes I did not receive. Please note that k checked my address to make sure everything was correct before I sent in the ticket. Well a couple of days later they replied back saying its unusual for someone not to receive that many prizes and that I should check my address. Note again that I checked I everything beforehand to make sure I didn’t mess up. But I checked again and noticed my state address was changed after they told me to check my address. Notice the insane accuracy of that info of what should be checked and what was probably wrong. Again I received my dollar which proves my address was correct right. Here is my messeges 1 Kylemepham I have ordered amazon prizes and have not received even one of them after the 3 week period. My address is verified by the one dollar order I’m just wondering what’s going on

    Hello there,

    We’ve received your ticket. Most tickets are replied within 2 business days, but please allow up to 3-5 business days for us to get back to you.

    Have you checked our wiki page to see if your question has been answered already? In case you find your answer before we replied to you, could you be so kind to close the ticket? Thank you!

    Thank you again for your message, we will be in touch shortly.

    Kind Regards,
    The admin team


    Please provide us with the order number so we can look at your account. Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards


    View Order 618766 Approved 60 2013-06-07 09:09:44

    View Order 618767 Approved 156 2013-06-07 09:11:07

    View Order 619168 Approved 49 2013-06-08 01:38:45

    View Order 619203 Approved 140 2013-06-08 03:31:20

    View Order 619203 Approved 140 2013-06-08 03:31:20

    I have not recovered any of the orders I have done expect the 1 dollar
    Hello. Yeah I noticed my address was correct until that was mentioned problem I have with that I received the dollar which proves my address was right then after I ask send in my ticket my address changes I find that wierd And frankly these changes were not done by me because i checked it all before i sent in my ticket not all of us are so stupid that we can be taken advantage of i think I am done with the site and will right plenty of reviews to make sure no one makes the mistake of coming here again

  72. Its not really a scam. I got my rewards there before with only 40$. but to think of it, Points2shop is nothing but a little kitty site fore kids because you don’t make real bucks, you’re be wasting your time making cents. I waste my time for 5 months and its not really worth the shot.

    if you’re a 10 year old or under 18, you have nothing to lose this site for you.

  73. I dunno what you guys are talking about. I make money off it, and as a teen with no revenue source or allowance, the extra few bucks a day really helps get what I need. It works, yes it takes a good while to get it to work, but I feel the time pays off.

  74. So much hatred for a site that has sent me everything I’ve ordered in the last 2 months! I’ve been using p2s for almost 3 months now and have total earnings over $270. You folks must just not like to read or follow rules. Surveys are difficult to qualify for sure. None ask for SSN that I have taken. If you don’t want to give your phone number, use k7.net. As for wanting address, age, income, gender, etc, that is standard for survey companies. As for getting banned for no reason, you did something wrong and don’t want to admit it. I’ve tried every site I could find and p2s is the best that I have found. I will admit that SB is a close second but I feel that p2s has better people on their site who are more willing to help than on SB. Give p2s a chance. Patience is key to gpt sites as anyone should know. Nothing is every free even if it just takes our time to get it.

  75. What’s Taking place i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve
    found It positively useful and it has helped me out loads.

    I am hoping to contribute & assist other
    users like its aided me. Great job.

  76. I’ve used some app on my phone, dogbone or whatever, don’t know or care, I also use trialpay, I’ve complained that I did this and that, since my pc didn’t load it, and they have given me my points… I also like to play as batman

  77. after reading a lot of stuff about points2shop, I figured I would see what happen, never got too involved with it, so after earning 712 points I figured I would verify my address.two days later I tried to log in and I get this warning

    “Read this message carefully!

    The section you tried to visit is blocked because our rules have been violated. Common reasons include but are not limited to:

    – You used a proxy to complete offers or to register your account.
    – You logged in from a public location like a library, university or school.
    – Logging in from a cell phone, or other wifi connection (not including a computer).
    – Logging in too far from the address you have on file with us.

    Please send in a ticket to our support team to get the problem solved. People in shoutbox will NOT be able to resolve your account issues, so there’s no reason to ask them!

    The page below has additional and usefull information about resolving account issues.”
    now before people start, I don’t have multiple accounts I don’t use a proxy, have only logged in from home, never used a mobile device and only gave real info.
    it seems a little fishy to me that no problems with anything til I try to get them to verify my account.
    so yeah is a scam.

  78. BS. I’ve used the site and had thousands of points without issue. I’ve bought numerous things from amazon with p2s.

    Stop spreading lies.

  79. well DAVE, I am not advertising anything, but I can tell you and your buddies over at point2scam, you are a bunch of idiots that like ripping people off, and again DAVE, you morons claim I have multiple accounts, fine show them. what you can’t….hmmmm yeah not a scam at all.

    • It has scammed ppl who r not loyal. It is like a kingdom, I if you have any doubt in the king (p2s) then your dead (scammed).

  80. They have scammed me as well. Comes up with that big red box. I only joined a week ago . Disgusted. I use loads of survey sites and have never been scammed before

  81. This site is full of trash. here is a site that is 100% accurate plz use link. http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=5307284

  82. I can’t even sign up it says “i already have an account” I never knew this site exist until yesterday

  83. I have not been with Points 2 Shop very long, maybe for two months, and have not been going to this site regularly. I have however made $6.75 in cash and enough points to get a DVD I’ve been wanting a long time for free. I read all the comments here and was very apprehensive of wasting my time – but to date they have been good to me and I have no complaints. I will say when I ordered my DVD it took several days to be approved, but it did go through finally and I did receive it. Also I agree this is no way to get rich. I don’t mind doing surveys from time to time and if I can earn a few books or DVD’s or a small check here and there I am more than happy. So until further notice, I am golden with Points 2 Shop. Rob in Arizona

  84. Im agree point2shop is scam, I was accused to have” multiple account,” I had earned 25$ I worked for that, if they want to block you ok, but they should pay the money you work for, I spend more than a week, more than 5 hours everyday, it was hard to qualify for surveys, sometime I got approved sometimes not, and now they simply block my account and dont give me my money. just imagine how much money they steal us from all the blocked and banned acount , how much money they have in theirs pockets. from our work.??

  85. Okay so I’ve read the comments and it is completely false that p2s is a scam. Ive been on ps2 for a couple months now. The reason why you guys can’t order stuff is because you lied when completing a survey or offer. That includes any little lie. For example if you write your zip code is 30495 but your real zip code is 30945 they will ask you why. These surveys are from REAL COMPANIES, that make millions of dollars so you can not lie. I found it pretty easy to earn money after knowing my way around p2s. I can earn like 3 dollars in a few minutes. I can relate it has happen to me twice that I lied about zipcode/race/age.
    They sent me two tickets and yes one time I lost 1000 points for lying. It took about 2 weeks to sort it out but after that I was free too go. I just use my information I put in my demographics. And my demographics are not even real I put im a 23 year spanish male with an income of 50k. Which in reality is all false but my zip code and adress is real. (So they can ship my stuff) P2S Is legit, I promise.

  86. I have wrote an article about my hellish experience with Points2Scam — um, Points2Shop, and I invite all of you to read it at the following:

    Part 1: http://mister138.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/the-great-gpt-nightmare-points2shop-part-one/

    Part 2: http://mister138.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/the-great-gpt-nightmare-points2shop-part-two/

    Personally I believe that Points2Shop is a deceptive site and I do not recommend it to anyone. There are plenty of other GPT sites that are better than this.

  87. clearly an ID thief site

  88. Hi there I have been a Member of point2shop for about a Month and all I can say Is they banned me for having more than 1 account but I never signed up more than once.

    Help I downloaded your app on my phone Ok so I have been using my phone to use your surveys and stuff. Now It says account has been violated which I never have violated. I am still new to this. Please help me. I don’t understand.
    2 admin Hello there,

    We’ve received your ticket. Most tickets are replied within 2 business days, but please allow up to 3-5 business days for us to get back to you.

    Have you checked our wiki page to see if your question has been answered already? In case you find your answer before we replied to you, could you be so kind to close the ticket? Thank you!

    Thank you again for your message, we will be in touch shortly.

    Kind Regards,
    The admin team
    3 isk8lakai2 Hello,

    Your account has been blocked for having multiple accounts. We allow one account per person. When a member violates these terms, that account and all offending accounts will be banned.

    Kind Regards,

    4 amandasjavacup I only have 1 account. I don’t understand it.

    Here is the convo I only signed up with my Facebook Profile. If they don’t unblock me I am sending their site complaint to the FBI and Better Business Bureau for reporting. I do not do business with people who offer free stuff and decide to go back on their word. All the surveys I completed for Cash Is a scam they should give everyone their hard earned money. I will not be publicising to my friends this site.3 days to respond finally 1 answer than we banned you. This is their misunderstanding not mine. Until they get it together I Give them a BIG FAT F for Fail.

  89. I love it how people who do mistakenly get banned immediately assume that points2shop is a scam. A scam means that you are having something stolen from you, in this case it is only time. I’ve earned my free iPad and some games from that website. Points2Shop is not a scam. As of right now, I can ensure you that P2S fixed most bugs and glitches in its system. Some surveys even give you $3.00 or 300 points. It is legit, as I’ve earned many prizes.
    However, when most of you signed up, P2S was probably in its developing stage.

    • Every survey asks for things that can easily ID you so we give our ID and then get nothing in return except a ban. So basically our IDs were stolen

  90. I’ve been a member for a few years. Never had a problem and if I did have a problem with a game cheater or an item not coming to my house, I was refunded in full. I got at least 20 items from the site and a hundred bucks. It’s really not that complicates, people.

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  92. wow people, what the hell are you talking about i made 40 dollars already. AND i got my damn items.

  93. P2S is so horrible that I was banned for signing up. I registered (first time ever), activated my account via email, and then sign in and automatically says I am banned and to submit a ticket. Never even heard of this site before 20 minutes ago, so I know I have no other accounts. Says my connection is incorrect. Well there site must be the only one online that believes that. I did submit a ticket, a ticket to cancel my account. I figure I will stick with what works for me, and always has, InstaGC and Swagbucks. No problems with them ever. I assume P2S just hates me, so I will just hate them back. THEY SUCK!!!

  94. I totally agree. P2S is a scam. Even with small amount of points. I ordered something so small for my son’s birthday and they froze my account. Now it will take to long to get the stuff I ordered for his birthday. TO ANYONE: Don’t Waste Time And Energy on Points To Shop.

  95. Hello everyone this is not spam
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  96. No idea if people still read this blog, but I thought i’d share my experience of the site on here to hopefully convince you the site is in fact, very good. Not a scam at all.

    I’ve been active on the site for about 6 months now and have earned over $300 on their, redeeming 7 prizes all of which i have received. No complaints in the rewards department at all. There’s a lot of friendly people on the site, always willing to help, and these people, having been there for 4 years + have all legitimately earned way over $1000 dollars.

    I myself, have been temporarily banned on the site twice before, much like most of the people above. To clear a few things up, the screen you see when you are banned says ‘Reasons to be banned INCLUDE:’…not ‘you have been banned for’. You could have been banned for 1, 2 or even none of those reasons, its just a help screen. Instead of giving up like most of the people on here, i went to sort out my problems with a support ticket…and both sorted the problems out instantly.

    The admin on P2S are on your side! The more members they have, the more profit they make. They may block your account for what you deem ‘obscure’ reasons, but these are just for caution, and they have the best intentions to unblock you once they have sorted out the problems…just work with them. Of course, if you have multiple accounts, using fake info, committing fraud etc…you will not last on the site, or any other GPT either so dont complain if all the blame can be put on you!

    If you’re worried about being caught up in any snitching or jealousy, just keep a low profile on the site as some choose to. However, i encourage mixing with all other members of the community as most are very nice people.

    I will leave my review with my referral link – http://goo.gl/NJfhuu

    Click on it if you want to sign up, and i’ll be happy to keep you on the right path towards free prizes.

  97. Hey there, i going around posting links on various sites for my point2shop account and stumbled upon this debate. (Is this a scam) people say its wank, people saying you carnt earn money and also people saying they’ve been disconected. well if you carry on searching you’ll find people accutally sayin that its not bad, the ones that have been deleted or watever their excuse is it because they have got banned for cheating having mutiple accounts and watever eles the amediators finds on them you carnt hide from them they have acsess to your ip its just like myself wich av recently been picked for 1 of many football manager amediators. And also most or some i should say (the ones that bother to carry on with their account and continue with their work that is) will say themselves they find it Okie! It all depends on what your after i first was looking for microsoft points found a site where i could make a few bob to get xbox points so u’kno went for it, matter of a week i earned enough to get myself 800 points which to be onest aint bad considering i could of got a £10 gift voucher for amazon for a little cheeper or this occasion fewer points wich meen more to me because im from the uk and to get cash off the suvey’s they are all in dollers wich i lose about 40 -50p cause of it but mind you i av about a fiver in cash aswell. Anyway “THE IMPORTANT BIT” Ive been on here for a couple of weeks and have made 1373 points and around fiver uk pound i first put 2 pound to my paypal and relised that it dollers and ended up with 1.20 or sumthing, so if your from the uk just go for points u can buy things of the site as it is linked to amazon, you just have to be a little smart with things like 1000 points for £10 amazon voucher and i waited for 1400 points to get 800 “fukin yes 800 points” wen i could of spent yes 1000 on a vocher n just brought 1 for 1000 points!, with the voucher but luckily i got an amaizing 700 points due to christmas coming around i brought a joke book for my grandads kindle wich only cost £3,50 ( and i know people reading this thinkin i hav jus been sucked into buying somthing well sorry to say ur wrong… and i know yes i brought a book but i would ov or mite ov got a book or somthing anyway as its christmas n all for the old family but i wouldent of got 700 points from anywere eles its like a cash back i only need another 300 n thats another £10 amazon voucher, it does work out like 1.51 or somthing of points to the pound but the site itself sell amazon voucher for 1000 points for a tenner voucher but a xbox points voucher cost 1.400 points so u’know think about it more products to be brought from amazon kinda smart of them really, some worker out there sayin sayin ” you’ve got it mannn! LOL, Also the reson for this the money maker LIKE I SAID ABOUT BEING A LITTLE SMART, Its all about the referrals if you refer 1 person you get $0.50 and also $0.50 for their first survay and bonuses on their big earning serveys wich could be like $0.50-$3.00 and more i earnd 300 of a 700 point win cause i got the misses to buy a book of my site i used for my grandads book (hehe) and u get about $0.15-$0.20 for normal servey ALSO you get money for their referalls n referalls work and sooo on.. The internet is big and getting bigger i wouled jump on it now while you can even if you dont go on to earn much just keep it running and grow you all proberly have facebook n that at least this site earns you some dolla just try it out n ull see for youself….
    Besides what have you got to lose ay! its not hard giv a bit ov bullshit to sum servey wich brings to my mind serveys that say need opinions on an I.T consultent (then pertend your an I.T consultent LOL its not rocket science guys. you can all probly tell that with the poor spelling, n short wording i have put sorry but i dont av no gcse’s BUT im making some dolla lol 😀 EASY FAKING MONEY

    Please Please click my referal link below if i have answerd your questions or shud i say given you a bit of advice to keep your mind at peace, i had to do it all my self at 1 point! just dnt give out you main hotmail account that you use all the time, or any acctual information just make some up just stick to it dont start puting different names n email accounts everywere the amediators will find you!

  98. I think that points to shop is a dick head because there scamming u for advertising and they will fuckin die also the wankers with cunts on there head i will not use them again as they are shit eaters

  99. It is not a scam I got a case for my dsi but the dumb thing I did was make an account for my friend because he asked me to but because it was on my computer they thought I was doing it to have multiple accounts so they blocked me. But you can trust the site just dont let anyone else log in on your computer

  100. False…
    I’ve had at one time 3500 points and was not locked or asked for any kind of information like that. I have made multiple orders and received all of them. Including a hair clip, earrings, a hat, a phone case, a rolling tray, and a watch. You have to be patient with the surveys. Some days you will qualify for numerous surveys and some days you will not qualify for anything. It’s not something to make a living off of lol

  101. OK, maybe some people feel theygot the wrong end of the stick, but i`ve been there just two weeks and already have cashed in $20 in PayPal cash I’ve spent, and haven’t given a single bit of personal info other than my address. I still haven’t got that dollar in the mail, but I’ve been more then satisfied otherwise

  102. Don’t listen to these people, i have made over 60 dollars. There are some bugs, so what? contact somebody about it.

  103. Jocelyn Cordero

    I actually like points2shop. I didn’t believe it was true at first, but I bought something from amazon and it actually came in the mail from some other country. I was surprise and excited, but the surveys take forever and I just ended up getting lazy so I stopped using it.
    On another note, I really don’t know why y’all complaining about the site. If you guys want something then WORK for it and get it yourself instead of relaying on a site and then getting upset because its not going your way. Just stop using the site then.

  104. I got a free ipod touch 5g on points2shop. So SHUT UP saying its a freaking scam.

  105. I ordered 2 gift cards are both had had no money on them. I contacted customer support and hit me back 3 days later. They still have not fixed them and not sure if they will. I sent them every thing they needed and they still have not fixed it or emailed me back. Worst customer service ever. VERY VERY unprofessional. This site is more of a hassle then its worth.

  106. Screw points2shop. Sucks ass, but i recommend you guys use http://www.prizerebel.com. It actually works. Redeemed a 10 dollar ultimate game card :D. 100 points = 1 dollar. really easy to get points.

  107. just saying, anything ps3 or electronics you get from these point reward sites are all second hand. They’re not brand new. They’re used.

  108. your all talking bullshit lol ive made over $300 on p2s in under 4 months you all broke vaious site rules which are clearly stated in the T&C on the site i currently have 17797 points on the site
    i also know members who have made over $75k on there too user name blademog!! your all just butthurt cos you broke the rules and got banned well tough shit!! thats what you get for breaking rules idiots hahaha!!

  109. I guess it works for some people and it doesn’t for others. I’ve been on Points2Shop for 3 months but haven’t done anything until this month. You don’t have to just do surveys to earn points. You can watch videos and play games as well. I just bought a camera for 4500 points and am working on making my way up to get a fitbit. If you a new to points2shop and want to sign up, you can follow this link: http://www.points2shop.com?ref=uin1396519883
    My username here is the same there and you can friend me and I’ll help in any way that I can. If you are truthful and dedicate time, you really can earn points and buy cool things.

  110. What i recommend is to use points2shop as a referral generation income. Otherwise it’s difficult to cop with the daily trends of getting high revenues.

  111. I made around 1500 points and as soon as i orderd some earphones (sound canceling ones) BOOM you are banned for using proxy sites to log in….are you kidding i could have used proxys to do it for me damn well i wish i had now.

  112. This site has prohibited me from getting giftcards to help me get DVDs for my brother who has Autism. I went to pull out 325$ worth so I can rebuild his decreasing collection and suddenly I’m blocked and now waiting a WEEK for ONE answer. The site may be a great way to make extra money but when they go outta their way to literally STOP you from getting things you earned within a real cause that’s when it turns bad

  113. I’ve been a member around 2 weeks on P2S. Everything was going good . I got a few items from amazon worth around $15-$20 USD. Then they banned me claiming I have multiple accounts.

  114. all we need are 3 good people.., and we can tank them 😉 im all in and can lead the way

  115. Points2shop is real ive used it for 2 months and earned $100 already I recieved everything in the mail and no problems what so ever. This post is fake. You will get banned for trolling having multiple accounts tabbing videos etc. but there are rules you must follow! I mean its not complicated to do what the site tells you to LOL.

  116. yes they bug to get your Paypal account signed up and your info and its says no fees required then there are fees you gotta pay them to pay you and they took my cash outta my bank and i got charged service fees also i sent in a ticket then i got banned They are scamming lying scum bags i kept sending them emails stating you took my money without consent.

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